Updated 9/9/21

If you want the photos taken in your school and the School Photo Date changes, your booking will move to the next confirmed date automatically. Friendship groups are scheduled to be taken each lunch and break time we are in your school.

If you already have a Voucher and wish to book in, please email us by replying to your original consultation email or call 0131 6631203.

This person will be our point of contact for the whole group booking.

Please copy and paste your Paypal Transaction ID from your order receipt. Please ensure you that you bring your products with you on the day of your RETAKE. If this has not been delivered to your school as yet, we will have your product waiting at the studio for you.

If you paid in cash or any other method please just type YES in the box above to confirm that you understand this requirement.

Please list all names in the text area to the right.

Please select your preferred date

If these dates are not suitable for you, later dates will become available.

We may contact you with a more precise appointment time. Usually within a 10-15 minute window of your chosen time. If you do not hear from us, please come at your original time.

After you click "Book Me In" below, your booking will be secure - you will be taken to a PayPal screen asking for a £10 deposit - please DO NOT pay this. Simply close the screen. This deposit is only a requirement for other Studio products.

Please ensure your email address on the previous page matches your PayPal account email address.

GBP £10.00
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